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Dokyo Code of Ethics

Philosophy Statement: 

The DOKYO philosophy is more than a set of rules and regulations, it is a way of life inspired on our day to day observations and interactions. It aligns with our mission and vision of “Value Creation” encouraging and paving a path for a value-oriented business responsible for generating a positive social and environmental impact with our business activities. The DOKYO Philosophy is our Business Code of Ethics, outlining ethical business practices and responsibility in the workplace.

The company values freedom of expression, freedom of association, open communication and honest feedback. We believe that our philosophy is applicable in the personal and day to day life irrespective of the company interests; we advocate for human rights and equality in the workplace and society. We believe that our approach will attract collaborators who share the same philosophy.


Policy Guidelines:


  • Inclusiveness

DOKYO encourages and supports inclusiveness in all forms. This includes but is not limited to sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social or economic background, educational level, colour, immigration status, sex, age, physical appearance, physical or mental ability, family status, political belief or religion.

All of us in DOKYO understand the importance of inclusivity in the organisation and in daily life and the positive impact it makes. Therefore, apart from just within the company, we aim to educate our associated stakeholders about our philosophy.


  • Transparency and Honesty

The company is committed to transparency and flexibility in its workplace. We are all expected to be transparent in our actions like reporting our working hours, transparency in our relationship and commitments to the clients and other stakeholders.

DOKYO respects honesty, we expect all our stakeholders to be honest in their actions towards what DOKYO stands for.  


  • Professionalism

Our core principles encourage and respect professionalism. While we believe everyone at DOKYO demonstrates the understanding of our philosophy, we feel it as an obligation to chart out certain guiding principles at the work workplace.

    • Respect in the workplace

We are an organisation that values dignity and respect at the workplace. Any form of discriminatory behaviour, victimization and abuse of power by and against anyone is intolerable in the workplace environment and will be subjected to inquiry and disciplinary actions.


    • Harassment

DOKYO is a very accepting workplace and understands the grave danger of harassment in the workplace and also otherwise. Collectively we stand against harassment of any kind in our organisation and otherwise in society.


    • Corruption

We believe that our work speaks for itself and isn’t subject to any physical reward from any of our clients. We strongly discourage the acceptance of any gifts from clients or partners (except for seasonal, festive gifts or samples of products, which are also subject to disclosure, discussion and audit) for favourable gains in return. We prohibit briberies in any form for the benefit of any external, internal or third party.


    • Conflict of interest

We are all expected to act in the best interest of the company and what it stands for. We expect everyone in our value chain to never allow their personal interests to influence their actions at the sake of the company's image and business interests.


    • Social Media or Digital Conduct

We consider that everyone at DOKYO as the brand ambassador of the company and their conduct in any situation reflects the conduct of the company. We expect everyone to be self-aware and responsible with their social media conduct and the principles the company stands for, as these actions and words will also be representing DOKYO.


  • Safeguard company assets

DOKYO is more than an organisation, it is a community of likeminded people sharing the same principles and moving towards a common goal. We value responsibility and believe that everyone in the company will treat the company’s assets (tangible, intangible or digital) with respect and care.


Everyone at DOKYO:

    • Should exhibit a sense of responsibility while handling company property e.g. desktop PC’s, company-issued laptops, furniture.
    • Knows the importance of intellectual property and understand that it must be handled very carefully. Our intellectual property includes company trademarks, brand name and other digital assets.


  • Protection of client information

DOKYO is committed to the protection of client interests and takes client data handling very seriously. The DOKYO policy outlines the procedure to be followed while handling and dealing with sensitive client information.

  • Compliance with/uphold the law

At DOKYO, carrying out the company affairs and respecting the law in all forms is our top priority is embedded in our DNA. We will always protect the company’s legality. And uphold all the safety, environmental social and legal frameworks outlined by the lawmakers. When dealing with company finances, services and public image, employees should act ethically and responsibly.

DOKYO also expect all the stakeholders within the company and outside to be model employees and above all, the company expects them to be model law-abiding citizens.  


  • Report concerns

Reporting all forms of concerns helps build a healthier workplace environment which accommodates a more tolerant behaviour.

  • Feedback

Creating Value involves participation from everyone, it involves effective feedback to continuously improve and grow. In order to help us understand how the organisation could be improved, how we can mould it become a model organisation, we highly appreciate feedback in all forms.  

Apart from the regular feedback mechanism, common to almost every organisation where the feedback is to be reported at quarterly or yearly meets, we are taking a very hands-on and direct approach, we are introducing a “48 Hour Feedback Mechanism”.

We believe that this mechanism will encourage effective communication between everyone in the company and to register feedback the person will have directly register it with the person concerned within 48 hours of the meeting, discussion or act observed so that the individual can improve his/her conduct and produce better results or improved behaviour. We believe that this approach will help build a healthier, tolerant and more transparent workplace.

The 48-hour feedback mechanism is built so that the person concerned can be made aware of their behaviour and feel appreciated and acknowledged for their good actions as quickly as possible.