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Certified B Corp™


As a Certified B Corp™, we are part of a global community of companies that meet high social and environmental standards. We are committed to continuously measuring and increasing the positive impact of our business activities on employees, management, the environment, our customers and the community. That's how we actively pursue the vision of an economy that uses all its power for good.

Human Relations Policy

Our employees are our greatest strength and one of the most important stakeholders. Therefore, it is our responsibility as an organisation to identify and take care of the needs of our employees and help nurture the talent that we have. Our policy is entirely dedicated to creating an effective and healthy workforce.



Environmental Policy


We are a young company driven by our principles of “value creation”. We believe that we as a company can create a small positive impact on the environment. We aspire to be the champions of the future and make a better future with our actions. 



Social Policy


We are a Socially Responsible company committed to the development of our society. We understand the fact that businesses can help create a positive social impact through their actions and we are committed to making sure that our actions, services, products and policies contribute towards the same goal. 



Fair Trade Purchasing Program


Our “Fair Trade Purchasing Program” outlines our policies and commitments towards the sourcing of our products.  

With our program, we aim to source 100% of our products locally by the end of 2021.




Code of Ethics


The DOKYO philosophy is more than a set of rules and regulations, it is a way of life inspired on our day to day observations and interactions. It aligns with our mission and vision of “Value Creation” encouraging and paving a path for a value-oriented business responsible for generating a positive social and environmental impact with our business activities. The DOKYO Philosophy is our Business Code of Ethics, outlining ethical business practices and responsibility in the workplace. 



Employee Handbook


The DOKYO employee handbook outlines our beliefs and our core values. It gives an insight of what our employees can expect from us. With this handbook, we have tried to create a document which will help all our employees navigate through the key company policies.



Work From Home Manifesto


As a creative agency that heavily depends on human interaction, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide our employees with the best work environment to improve their capabilities and give them the opportunity to be flexible and comfortable in their work environment.