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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

We are a young company driven by our principles of “value creation”. We believe that we as a company can create a small positive impact on the environment. We aspire to be the champions of the future and make a better future with our actions.



  • Actively reduce our waste through our 3R Program which describes our principle of reducing, re-using and recycling all our office waste.


  • Continue to operate our purchasing policy to ensure as much material as possible is sourced locally and ethically.


  • Reduce the amount of energy consumed during office hours by efficiently using office equipment’s operating our “at work” guidelines for the 3R program.


  • Continue to work with stakeholders in our supply chain generate awareness about our environmental policy and help them develop their own.


  • Continue to work with our clients to modify our environment policy and improve it on an ongoing process.


  • Educate our employees regarding our environment policy and empower them to adopt the 3R guidelines in their daily life.


  • Encourage our employees to reduce their carbon footprint by using public transport or other green means of commute.