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Social Policy

Social Policy Statement: 

We are a “Socially Responsible” company committed to the development of our society. We understand the fact that businesses can help create a positive social impact through their actions and we are committed to making sure that our actions, services, products and policies contribute towards the same goal.

We at DOKYO are conscious and committed to the development of the local community where we operate in.


Guidelines :


  • To purchase our office supplies, food product and other material locally. It goes in line with our policy statement and commitment to the development of the local community.



  • To uphold our core commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.


  • To contribute through financial aid and/or our products and services towards community enhancement.


  • To generate awareness amongst all our stakeholders (suppliers, customers, clients and employees) towards societal needs and about our efforts to address them.


  • To identify charity organisations in line with our commitments towards societal development and contribute towards their efforts monetarily.