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Human Relations Policy


Our employees are our greatest strength and one of the most important stakeholders. Therefore, it is our responsibility as an organisation to identify and take care of the needs of our employees and help nurture the talent that we have. Our policy is entirely dedicated to creating an effective and healthy workforce.

Policy Guidelines:


  • DOKYO believes that every individual should be treated equally under all circumstances and this sense of equality is embedded in our DNA. We strongly stand against all types of discrimination based but not limited to sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social or economic background, educational level, colour, immigration status, sex, age, physical appearance, physical or mental ability, family status, political belief or religion. Our monetary compensations or other compensations are solely based on performance and independent of any other criteria. Our approach to creating an environment where equality is the key covers a variety of issues.


  • We adhere and uphold the rules and regulations of the government of Germany with regards to providing health and wellness initiatives like medical insurance. We provide medical insurance to all our employees as stipulated by the government. (A detailed description is provided in the employee contract and employee handbook).


  • We encourage learning and the continuous development of our employees; with career-specific training, we aim to make a competent workforce capable of handling more responsibilities. With this in mind, we aim to prioritise internal promotion over fresh hiring or headhunting.


  • All our new job opportunities will first be announced within the organisation and then on various job portals, headhunting agencies or other related service providers.


  • We value employee feedback and concerns and the complete mechanism is outlined in our DOKYO Philosophy (Feedback mechanism and report concerns).